Sheldon Flanders & Pearl Rose insurance partnership announcement

I am very pleased to announce that Sheldon Flanders Financial Services is now able to offer our clients a full range of employee benefits. We are partnering with Fiona Amadi of Pearl Rose Insurance who specialises in offering group life insurance, health care and income protection policies. Fiona will work closely with the Sheldon Flanders team on behalf of business clients.

This partnership complements our existing expertise in group pension schemes and means that Sheldon Flanders will now be able to help small businesses create competitive employee benefits packages. As it gets increasingly challenging to recruit and retain great staff, we know employers want to look at cost effective ways to attract talented team members. Our combined experience of nearly 50 years means we are well placed to choose from all the different policies in the market and put together the best package for any business owner.

I am very pleased to welcome Fiona to the team. Fiona and I are both committed to improving wellbeing in the workforce, and we are looking forward to working together to supporting small businesses in Derbyshire and beyond.

If you would like to talk to me about how this new partnership can benefit your business please get in touch.