What employee benefits can I offer in my business?

We speak to many small business owners who want to offer the right employee benefits to be competitive in their small business. They want to be able to recruit good people and keep those they have. As well as the right salary they are exploring the different options to create an attractive employment package.

There are many types of benefits you can offer, here are some of the options:

Flexible and hybrid working

This has become increasingly popular since lockdown, as many workplaces were able to move to working from home. Since then, many employers have explored a range of different options, and have found that offering a more flexible approach to working hours and locations can help them retain loyal employees.

Health insurance

This is an employment benefit that many corporate businesses have offered for years, but small businesses are able to tap into this growing market. Health benefits included in a company insurance policy can include dental and optical cover, access to GP appointments, private medical treatment, outpatient treatments such as scans and specialist consultations, physiotherapy, mental health support and menopause support. Some health insurance policies pay a small fixed amount for each night employees spend in an NHS hospital. Employers appreciate being able to tailor the package to their workforce, for example optical cover for employees who spend much of their working day at a screen.

Life insurance

As part of your employee benefits package you can include life cover, also called death in service cover. This provides a lump sum to loved ones if an employee dies while employed in your business.

Group pensions

Group personal pensions are a type of defined contribution pension. Members in a group pension scheme build up a personal pension pot, which they then take money from when they retire. Schemes can include employee contributions or you may wish to offer it as a non-contributory scheme.

Gym membership and bike to work schemes

These can be offered as part of a focus on employee wellbeing in your workplace. A bike to work scheme can give employees access to a new bike as part of a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Discounts on products or services

These can be some of the most popular employee benefits, depending on what your small business does.

Childcare vouchers

Employers who are looking to recruit parents may find it helpful to offer a childcare voucher scheme

No matter the size of your workforce, we can help you create a competitive package. We partner with Fiona Amadi of Pearl Rose Insurance who specialises in employee benefits. Packages can be structured to suit you and your budget and can start from much less than you may think.

There are so many different providers out there to choose from, each with their own benefits and stipulations, which is why we go through the details together, making advisements as we go, in order to find a plan to suit you best. Making the whole thing as simple and straightforward as possible.


Get in touch to talk to us about your employee benefits options.