Investing in people, helping them to feel confident about their financial future. Because financial health is financial wealth.

Sheldon Flanders is committed to giving the best advice covering a broad range of personal and commercial financial services.

It’s our mission to help clients achieve the vision we all share for a strong and secure financial future — to experience the joys that come with the financial freedom to build a better quality of life for ourselves, for our loved ones and the comfort it brings to know that everything will be taken care of, even after we’ve gone.

That’s why we work to develop a more personalised and collaborative approach. We’ve always set out to differentiate ourselves by being honest and clear, which is only done through genuine investment in the lives and long-term futures of our customers and staff.


Our values


We know that as a small business we can make a big impact. As a business we:

  • Only recommend sustainable investments
  • Encourage forward thinking and responsible approaches to investing


We know our clients rely on our advice. As a business we:

  • Correspond quarterly with our clients about your investments
  • Provide clear information to clients on all the available options
  • Are available in office hours to discuss any aspects of a client’s business


We are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we do business and reduce our carbon footprint. As a business we:

  • Offer online appointments to save you time and reduce travel costs and emissions
  • Offer paperless options to save resources
  • Are working to reduce our consumption of paper and plastics in the office
  • Work from home one day a week to reduce our emissions and give more flexibility to the team