It’s the things we leave behind that are infinitely most important. Protect the ones you love with life cover.

Because life is truly unpredictable, it’s important to consider how the people who matter most  will cope financially when you die. We can help you select the best cover policy so you can carry on and enjoy every moment, knowing your family will be taken care of.


If you are the main breadwinner or are a main contributor to the family’s piggybank, then taking out a policy will give you the peace of mind that loans are paid off and long term finances are taken care of if you’re not around to pay for them.

This money can be used to pay off large debts, mortgage expenses, education fees and childcare. It can also help lighten the financial load of day-to-day living, chipping away at food costs, utility bills and clothing.

At Sheldon Flanders we evaluate every policy across a broad range of providers, bringing you the most suitable cover for you and your loved ones.


And for the unexpected turns in life, there are lots of ways to soften the financial blow with critical illness cover.

There’s no way of knowing what’s around the corner, a critical illness can impede your ability to work and severely effect your income and outgoings. We make choosing the right cover policy for you and your family simple and straightforward.

A common addition to life insurance, critical illness insurance covers you financially should you be unable to work, providing a lump sum on diagnosis to enable you to concentrate on your recuperation without having to worry about meeting outgoings or paying off debts.

We will research the marketplace to find the most suitable plan, meeting the desired level of cover over the term required.