Everybody is important to your business, but some losses are felt more than others. Reduce the impact with key person protection.

The loss of an invaluable member of staff can have a severe impact, leaving the business worse off financially and struggling to continue without that person’s expertise. Key person protection insures against such a loss to help secure future profits and sustainability.


When a key member of staff dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness, it can leave a company without essential skills and expertise, not to mention understaffed and struggling to manage until a suitable replacement can be found. In short, losing somebody integral is an overbearing detriment, one that often leads to financial problems in the long term.

Key person protection insures a business against such a loss, providing funds to help secure lost profits and implement new staff and procedures necessary to carry on as normal.

At Sheldon Flanders we help you select a cover plan – against death and/or critical illness – that best matches that person’s job role, skill-set and financial contribution to the business. After all, we understand the importance of a job well done.