Leave a legacy all of their own.

Ensure your family and chosen beneficiaries receive everything they’re entitled to, after you’ve gone. We can help carefully structure your financial affairs to legally reduce costly inheritance tax.


Inheritance tax means the HMRC can take a considerable portion of your estate before it goes to your family, friends and chosen beneficiaries – 40% if the value is more than £325,000 – and with the rise in property prices, the likelihood of exceeding this threshold is greater.

At Sheldon Flanders we can advise on the best ways to legally minimise your tax liability.

Depending on your situation, we may recommend investments or trusts, lifetime savers or life assurance plans, carefully structuring your financial affairs enabling you to benefit from all the exemptions and reliefs to which you’re entitled. But whatever we recommend, we will always clearly explain the benefits and outcomes of the options available to you.